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To rent a house on an island where you go by boat

The houses we rent located on islands where you just can go by regular boat, are all very easy to get to.





Korsnäset, Tjockö

Korsnäset, Tjockö

A house with spectacular views, old world charm and modern freshness and standard. Located on the genuine and vibrant archipelago island Tjockö in Stockholm's northern archipelago. Here you travel by boat, craft, water taxi or private boat.

Tjockö has everything you need for a great stay. Island-shop in the center of the island, 600 m from the cottage, which has food, fresh bread, charcuterie, mail, alcoholic beverages and pharmacy, library. Summer the restaurant opens next to the island shop. Close to the outer islands for excursions by boat. Day trips by boat to nearby Fejan and the Lido which has a nice restaurant.

Do you have a car you can go to Räfsnäs and park in the large parking lot about 200 meters before the bridge. From Stockholm, about 1 hour and 20 minutes. From the pier depart  boats to Tjockö, the journey takes 15-25 minutes. You can also go by bus to Räfsnäs. Own water taxi can be booked if desired.

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Lillstugan och Stora huset, Lådna

Stora huset, Lådna

Lådna is a small but thriving archipelago island. Here you’ll find a small store, bike and walking paths, bathing areas, farm shop and more. Many boats operate from the docks and you can go on day trips to other islands nearby. At Lådna we have two houses, the “Stora huset” and the “Lillstugan”.
For both houses, you go by Waxholm boat from Strömkajen in Stockholm. On Lådna you may only walk or cycle.

Book “Stora huset” on Lådna, click here.

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Sjösidan, Mjölkö

SJösidan at Mjölkö

Enjoy and relax with the ocean's beautiful silhouette around the clock on Mjölkö in Stockholm's central archipelago. Here you only go on a regular boat, or your own boat if you have it. The island is completely car-free. You walk on nice walking paths. There is however no shop on the island.


You can go on Waxholmsbolaget's boats from Strömkajen in Stockholm. The journey takes about two hours. It’s an experience in itself to travel through Stockholm's wonderful archipelago.


You can always book a taxi boat for your own trip to the island.

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St Segholmen, outside Dalarö

St Segholmen, outside Dalarö

An amazing seaside plot with its own sandy beach, jetty, sauna house and well-equipped cottages in Stockholm's southern archipelago. A calm and peaceful island. You can go here by boat, taxi or your own private boat. There is no shop on the island. You’ll have take the Waxholms boat to Dalarö, or your own boat, or rent the larger motor boat if you wish to do some shopping.

If you have a car you can go to Dalarö, about 40 min from Stockholm and a few hours from Arlanda. You can also go by commuter train and bus to Dalarö.

You can always book taxi boats also for your own trip to the island.

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Söderviken, Ornö 

Söderviken, Ornö

A charming cottage in a peaceful location on Ornö, Söderviken, in Stockholm's southern archipelago. Here you go by “Waxholmsbolagets” boat, taxi boat or your own boat. At the jetty you’ll find a luggage cart that belongs to the cottage. The part of Ornö where the cabin is located is completely car free. Here you will find lovely paths along the jetties and through mysterious forests. There are no shops on the island. You can go by the included  motorboat to nearby Kymmendö or a “Waxholmsboat” to Dalarö.

If you have a car, you can drive to Dalarö, about 40 min from Stockholm and about an hour from Arlanda or to Saltsjöbaden, about half an hour from Arlanda. You can also go by public transport by commuter train and bus to Dalarö and bus or Saltsjöbanan (light rail train) to Saltsjöbaden.

You can always book taxi boats to get to the island.

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